DPC Prosperity Limited

Established in 1990, we are the sole distribution agent in Hong Kong of Daicel Miraizu Acetyloid© sheets and its related products. Over the years of dedicated experiences, we have established strong networks with eyewear designers, manufacturers and retailers around the world.


Our service creates supply chain synergies in the production process of optical frames. Withholding an extensive range of types, patterns and colors of Acetyloid©, our one-stop platform minimizes the time of sourcing, receiving materials and producing the optical frames.

The experienced sales team is committed in searching for the best plastic sheets to perfect the eyewear. We also work closely with Daicel Miraizu’s Research & Development centre located in Japan for customers who are looking for specific colors and patterns. Our specialized experts are always available after-sales to provide professional advice for any technical problem encountered to minimize disruptions to the production process.

To minimize the possible lead time of bulk production, we also maintain sufficient inventories locally in Hong Kong to ensure the materials are kept at their best condition and readily available to meet immediate needs of customers and manufacturers located in Hong Kong, China and South East Asia.

We are partner of every process, from design to production, ensuring the end-products are delivered to customers are of their finest quality.