There are 3 main kinds of plastic sheets that Acetyloid© offers:

Block Sheet

“Acetyloid© Block” has unique and exquisite patterns with a natural in-depth color combination. These Block plastic sheets are manufactured in a typical process that cannot be mimicked by any other methods, such as conventional printing. The uniqueness of the patterns give an exclusive characteristics to each and every optical frames. Moreover, the thinly layered Block sheets can laminate with Extrusion sheets to create the one-of-a-kind plastic sheets.

Novaloid Compression Sheet

Novaloid offers unlimited patterns and colors. They are produced using the compression process, which shorten the production time of the plastic sheets, but with sophisticated colors and patterns. They are often characterized as in smaller sizes which offer greater flexibility and enhancement of its uniqueness.

Extrusion Sheet

Our top quality Extrusion sheets offer boundless possibilities, including mono color (solid, transparent, opaque), colors with pearl effect, two-tone, gradient, multi-layers, stripes, simple Havana patterns, and combination with Block sheets.

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